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So this is a Blog about me and all the crazy crafts I tackle... I'm a mother, interface designer, hobby seamstress/carpenter/painter/crafter/cook and (when i get to it) allround, somewhat unconventional, housewife.

I had the blessing of growing up in a household where things were fixed instead of tossed, or kept to be re-purposed later... Where money was never thrown out needlessly for things that could be made by hand, and where imagination was supported by the piles of books that each of us horded and loved.

So now, grown-up, running my own house and chasing after my budding Toddler -- i find many of those home-grown principles have stuck.

Most of the people i know my age aren't Mothers yet. They've never built anything out of wood that didn't come with finished parts in an ikea box, they never swung power tools or --heaven-forbid!-- touched a sewing machine... and have never had that satisfying feeling, of standing in the middle of scraps and rubble, letting the dust of crafty chaos settle, as they hold something they've created from scratch.

So through the laughs and love and chaos that come with making a house a home; in the words of Gulliver's Travels : Here goes nothing... ;)

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